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Don't let aches and pains spoil your holiday!

Holiday season is in full swing, and with all the packing and organising its easy to neglect yourself and forget about appointments. If you are suffering with lower back or neck pain, try to get some treatment before you go so it doesn't spoil your fun.

Its estimated that 48% of Brits suffer with back and neck pain whilst on holiday! here are a few tips to keep yourself feeling good on your journey and whilst you are away.

Before you travel...

  • Try to select a suitcase that is as light as possible, and on wheels.

  • If possible try to distribute heavy items between cases.

  • Push don't pull your case! When we pull a suitcase, we often twist the lower back, this movement with a heavy load can lead to irritation of the spinal joints and muscles

  • Try to rest and relax beforehand, stress can be a trigger for muscular tightness.

  • Don't forget to pack a gel ice pack, in case of any acute pains. Cool packs are great for easing pain/inflammation.

On the plane...

  • Get up and walk around regularly if possible, try not sit for longer than 2 hours. Shoulder shrugs/rolls, buttock clenches, and circling feet can be done in your seat to help stop the stiffness from setting in.

Whilst you're away...

  • Don't be afraid to ask the hotel for extra pillows, blankets and duvets if needed. A pillow can be put in between knees to ease aches in the lower back, extra duvets/blankets can be used to soften a hard/springy mattress.

  • Try to stay active! It can be tempting to lay on a beach or by the pool side all day....but try to go for a swim or walk around. That being said, try not to shock your body with an overload of activity! Doing too much that your body isn't used to can strain the muscles and joints, so know your limits and listen to your body.

  • Drink plenty of water....Dehydration can exacerbate back and neck pain..

Most importantly – Relax and Enjoy!

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